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Video production

Why Animations matters?

Words and ideas get life when properly converted, and this makes communication between you and your customer easier. Webandcrafts has engraved its mark in the field of Animation and aspires to explore new horizons in coming years. Think of Webandcrafts when you think of creating stunning animations.

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Our logo design process

The recurring engagements with multiple industries and business ideas made us experts in recognizing the right technology, budget and platform for you to establish your digital journey. With the initial struggles and uncertainty, we have come across multiple scenarios which increased our learning curve and steered us to the path of betterment.

Step One

Discovery & Requirement Gathering

Possibilities exist for those who are in search of it. We work in close association with our clients to identify business opportunities which help in mutual growth and value creation. Before getting started with any project, requirement gathering process is undertaken so as to have a clear understanding of the expectations from the client.

Step Two

Research & Analysis

In-depth analysis and research is carried out about the business and market trends, possibilities of growth are identified. A roadmap is prepared for reaching the identified goal. Inputs from the client and the experts at Webandcrafts are pooled in to craft a unique solution matching the specifics of the project.

Step Three

System Specification & Configuration

This phase is critical as it outlines the scope and future of the project. Both functional and non-functional requirements are documented. Details such as project scope, user interfaces and functionality are defined. The team also identifies system attributes such as reliability and portability.

Step four

Implementation & Execution

The project takes form and shape. A suitable design is proposed. The approved design is put to coding by professional programmers whose obsession with latest technologies leads to the creation of quality products. Each phase of development is subjected to review and approval so that the client expectations are continuously met.

Step five

Quality Assurance

The completed product is made to pass through different stages of quality assurance. Our Quality Assurance team is well versed in the latest testing methodologies because of which we are able to deliver competitive products consistently. The unmatched perfection evident in our works is a direct result of thorough testing and review.

Step Six

Promotion & Maintenance

Through targeted marketing, we take each product to the next level by making it reach the intended users. Webandcrafts never sleeps. It perceives that each check-in continues to a long relationship. Tracking the performance, carrying out analysis and reporting from time to time make all the difference.

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